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Rufus Ecology - Protected Species

In order to ensure that any plans for development or changes to land use are in accordance with all relevant legislation, it is important to consider if there are species present which are protected under the law. We will undertake surveys relating to many protected species, including Water Vole, Badger, Great Crested Newt and Bats. We also consider issues such as nesting birds, and any protected plant species in our surveys.

Our surveys will in the first instance determine presence or absence of the species. As appropriate, we then provide advice on how protected species may impact on your proposal. We will also detail the measures you need to take to accommodate the species, how to adapt proposals or any mitigation that may be required.

If you are considering any type of development or have other plans which may affect protected species, it is important to consider this issue at as early a stage as possible to reduce future impacts on plans. Small changes at an early stage can avoid the need for a drastic rethink later. Contact us to discuss your plans and for advice on how to consider protected species.

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