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Rufus Ecology - Conservation Planning

We can assist with all aspects of the planning process as it relates to nature conservation issues. This includes site surveys, protected species reports, mitigation proposals, landscape design and other areas as required.

Increasingly, Local Authority Planning Departments look for a rigorous approach to environmental protection in the proposals they consider. It is important to demonstrate that nature conservation legislation and sustainable development have been fully considered in an application being submitted.

Furthermore, many developments are viewed more favourably if they include a more pro-active approach, and show how the development proposals can make a positive contribution to the environment, either locally, or on a wider regional or national scale. It is therefore advisable to take steps at an early stage of the planning process to ensure that ecological and environmetal principles can be shown to be at the heart of any proposal.

Rufus Consulting are experienced in these areas of the planning and development control process. We have contributed to Local Plans, Public Inquiries and individual planning applications, working directly with developers and planning authorities to find mutually acceptable outcomes. With full surveys and effective knowledge of the appropriate legislation, most problems can be avoided - but when they do arise, we are here to help solve them.

If you are considering submitting a planning application and are concerned about the nature conservation issues associated with it, contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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