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Rufus Ecology - Environmental Policy

We strive to minimise our impact on the natural environment at every stage of the work we do.

  • Currently, we have made sure that all our electricty comes from renewable sources and we will be installing micro-generation units (i.e. wind turbines and solar panels) as soon as possible.
  • All printing is done on recycled paper, while internal printing is done on the blank side of previously used paper. All waste paper is recycled, as are any other recyclable items.
  • Public transport is where practical, but given the nature of the work, it is often not possible to get to a site without a car. While we currenty use diesel, we are looking into the viability of converting this to 'Bio-diesel' or using recycled waste oils.
  • All coffee and tea drunk in the office is Fairtrade, all milk is organic.
  • Wherever possible, materials used in relation to a job will be locally sourced. Where certification such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) exists, all materials will be certified.
  • This web site is hosted by the Green ISP.

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